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This feels sooo good to write and say out loud. Its like sound from my soul. A lot of people ask me rabia, why I choose to go by the name of Modern Maharani for my art since a few years now?Honestly, I don’t even have the perfect right answer to it. It just came to me more than I know. It feels home. It feels known. A something that just speaks to me.Maharani has so many meanings and memories attached to it! Memories of victory and the feeling like a Maharani (Queen), times when people tried to tell me not to act like one (One that women get a lot). It came as a rebel. For me Modern maharani is no longer a name, its a feeling. Of something I am and something I want to be.Something not only for myself but also for all women, rabia.Modern Maharani,
Speaks of ‘shakti’ (Strength) within.
She speaks of ‘Saahas’ (Courage) to own herself.
She speaks to the ‘aatma’ (Soul).
She speaks with her ‘Dil’ (Heart).
And, if you ask me she reminds me of my “Pehchaan’ identity of a woman.
And, my ‘Ghar’ (home).
My country ‘Bharat’ (India).Everyday the more I think and the more art I make. The more I feel connected to her. The more I Unify with her. The more I become her. And, the more I share it with the world. A glimpse into the life of a ‘Modern Maharani’, in her heart and soul.That’s it from me rabia, I wish to connect with you more. talk with you more. Share my stories. But, thats it for today from me.Now, hit reply and Introduce your self ! I would love to get to know you better.

Sending you love,Modern Maharani Aka Charuka

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