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This is to every sales person who asked me about my husband or who should he speak to about the money. Or to the one who literally wrote ‘Mrs.’ For me assuming that I definitely would have a husband to pay for this.

This is for the little girl in me who grew up in a small town and left home at the age of 18. With little clue on how to make things work next.

For the little Artist in me who saw next to no or little possibility of even making a bare minimum living from my creativity.

It’s a moment I want to still sink in.
I wanted to share this moment with the youngest of our family. I made sure that she picked her first key way before any of us.
That moving forward and taking control as a woman of a her life becomes so normal for her.
That she never has to think if she is stepping out her shoes. I keep saying this time and again to people who really know me. That I find my drive to do things not only to see what’s possible for me but also to do show young girls of what truly can be possible for them. So they never have to keep themselves small. That being good girls is not a game they need to play.
Instead, know that the world is LIMITLESS FOR EACH ONE OF US♥️
And, oh there is no such things as good girls 🙂

I Bought my first car ever with my own hard earned money just before I am turning 30????

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