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I often think back to when I was first getting into arts. It was a quieter, more intimate practice. With very little feeling of over sharing or to be honest of feelingn left behind if I don’t get on the train. A mere affair between me and my materials with no pressure to perform. Nowadays, to an extent, it feels like every bit of artwork or craft that I carry out is a show in itself, with an audience of thousands waiting to give their verdicts.

But with the process of art becoming a performance for the public to view, I’ve discovered a need to reclaim a sense of intimacy and privacy in my work. It feels like an escape, a way to connect back with the art and the act without any external pressures.

So when I’m creating, I try to avoid the spotlight of social media. Instead, I seek out my own little space where I’m free to explore and discover. Watching a masterpiece unfold or simply creating something for the sake of it – it’s a peaceful and meaningful experience that’s just for me.

Creating has become much more than just producing art. It’s a way for me to express myself, to record my thoughts and feelings, and to connect with something much bigger than me. It’s a process of connection rather than performance; a place for me to express the true spirit within me, far away from the expectations of social media.

Creating is a way for me to unplug and recharge, an avenue that gives me space and time to be truly present in the moment. A tool to learn, understand, and explore my own creative boundaries. When I sit down and allow myself to feel the peace and freedom of creativity, I’m able to dive deep into my inner world; a place where I can trust myself and feel inspired in its purest form.

At the end of each session I can feel an inner-calm settling in. A satisfaction that I have created something from within; something that comes from my heart and speaks authentically to my soul. This feeling is what keeps me coming back, time and time again. Free from expectations and stress; free from performance and judgement.

Creating has become a sacred ritual for me, an intimate connection with the spirit within; one that will stay with me in all moments of my life.

In this quiet bubble of artistic expression, I’m reminded of how beautiful it is to be vulnerable and honest in my work. I don’t have to worry about how it will be received or judged. It’s an intimate affair between me and my artwork, with nothing in between. It’s a spiritual experience that brings me peace, freedom, and connection.

I know that many of us have had to reinvent how we create in the fast-paced digital realm. But no matter what, never forget the beauty of creating something for yourself and not for the world. Let your work be a sacred reminder that you can be present in your art and find peace in the process.

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