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RANI is a series of handpainted & embroidered paintings and drawings that began in 2019 and came to a form in 2022, available in different sizes. These paintings and drawings are a unique representation of strength, beauty, and timelessness! A riotous ensemble of striking gold, textures and rich craft of india. Coming together in harmoney for centuries in Indian clothes, jewlery and culture. Each piece of art showcases indian jewelry & embroidery, capturing the essence of a woman’s soul, its strength and its beauty from the times of themaharani’s that have pressed forward through the centuries.

DateOctober 2022ArtistCharuka AroraMediumAcrylic, gouache, embroideries on cradled panel. Sealed with Archival varnish.ClassificationsPaintingDimensions21.0 x 29.7 cmYear2022Share

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