So, here I am in this cafe, with lots of green plants on one of my side, some clattering of the cutlery just like a chime and me by myself attempting to write. I really wanted to do this before. 

But, I guess ticking off the previous work from my task list wasn’t just easy enough. But hey, since now that’s been done, here I am today, given a miss to the studio and finally being able to to write. 

Okay, now tell me have you ever wondered how colours, textures, patterns etc. influence our mind? Just think what brought me here to this simple green cafe just to be able to write? 

Getting my point?  

Come let me explain.

I strongly believe our environment has a great impact on our motivation, creativity &  dedication. We often hear about building the right culture to keep our people motivated. But, what about the right environment to help them be creative.Well, that exactly was my thought behind the creation of this vibrant, cheerful, light workplace for ShoeKonnect, now called- The KINDLE TOWNSHIP.

Having closely seen the DNA of this organisation and its founders. I knew how they function and why.

A typical day of a ShoeKonnect employee comprises of several heated meetings, quick timelines, fast pacing changes, countless customer/vendor calls, endless co-ordination, the urge to innovate and what not. After all, each one of them form the young engine of this motor called-Bizcrum- A group of  industry specific platforms,

So, to this serious taste of business and its hardworking employees. I wanted to give a twist of fun, light abstract environment to balance their stress and keep up their minds.

Furthermore, “The Kindle Township- A creative workplace for the residents of Shoekonnect” came to life.

So Inspired, by these young, raw, experimental & bold team. I started to paint the kindle township in shapes inspired my some natural forms of nature and paint it all cheerful & bright. 

The idea was to paint a canvas that can match and uplift the young energy of this team with most of them in their early twenties.

I may not be great in my words, but I know my colours, just right. 

So, I started by doing a custom mural art in the main area. The mural art, had hand lettered “Let’s Do this” composition aimed at encouraging people everytime they look around. 

Right opposite to that wall, a small installation was done to rightly depict how a mix of creativity and business can make you fly. I started with the juxtaposition, by covering the wall with serious economic times and topped with colourful origami butterflies and a white ladder, with the words saying “FLY”. 

The 8000 sqft office space that we now call the “kindle township”, Was further given more identity by placing its team into their independent rooms/spaces, called X coloured house.

Like, the pink house was taken over by the content team. The blue house by the tech team. The red house by the operation team and so on.

An open space was called, Central Park. The conference rooms were called the town halls.

We welcomed their team to the kindle township with a custom designed, resident pass with their house information. While receiving this pass and entering the space. Their was this sense of belongingness and curiosity that came along with these people. They started addressing their house names, wandered to places like, the “Bird Point- a standing desk space covered with green matt and topped with flying butterflies.”

The office has several minute details that brings th concept of kindle township to life. A

The conference rooms aka town halls, we kept light with pastel pink color to keep those stressed minds light. Origami butterflies were hung, colourful banners were topped on the ceiling and the whole office was covered with green plants.

And, a trail of yearly memory board was made while entering the office.

And, the kindle township had finally come to life. To keep these people positive, light and inspired to their own kind.

I made a video of this Mural on my Youtube channel. Do have a look!

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