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Rediscovering Home & Heritage: Visiting Taj Mahal


Due to Covid-19 worldwide lockdown in mid 2020. I had to temporarily move back to my parents house in “The City Of Taj Mahal” (Agra, India). I have spent the first 18 years of my life in this town. But, this time coming back felt different. Perhaps, spending 3 months alone in quarantine. My soul yearned for inspiration and connection. But, unfortunately coudnt find any.Only until, I came back & started living amongst the beautiful architectural remains of the Mughal (mo-ghul) empire, yet again.

I did not realise the impact growing up in this city had on me, only until now. And, to be completely honest even if i did know I always detested the feeling for some reason!

But, 2020 changed that for the good. It came knocking at my door to be open. And, to rediscover the home I grew up in and my heritage!

All the while, I was craving to see art in person. I forgot I was surrounded by the most magnificent one all the time. And, when I did.

It has marked a beginning of something so beautiful ! I visited the “Taj Mahal” quickly after we had some ease on our travel and quarantine restrictions.


And, where do I even begin! A couple of hours In and I felt like I was meeting a long lost friend. Only to find myself again. Living almost after 10 years in Agra. Made me revisit so many of my own memories and my upbringing. The authenticity and beautiful art & culture that is so minutely engrained in the life of locals here.

No doubt, I am always inclined towards patterns and crafts. I grew up around it.

But, you know what, this visit to the “TAJ MAHAL” was very special and no not because I was visiting after a long time. But, because, it was my first visit as an Artist. Proudly, Born & raised here.

I felt like a lost friend who made her way back home. And, believe me when I say this.

With these eyes and heart of an artist, I have truly never seen this place as I do now, ever before.

And, only before I could realise, my hands and my heart were already finding and creating space to document this experience in form of art.

I slowly started to work make works that were literally growing inside me. And, that’s what marked the raw and natural beginning of “MY HOMECOMING”series. Here’s a video I did on it.


And, it is exactly what it says, literally & metaphorically.

2020 has been an year of healing for me. To find myself and my roots. And, to rediscover it completely. To let go of the extra noise and find what really matters. To embrace my being & my reality.

As an artist, taking different turns in our works can be both extremely daunting and fulfilling.

In these early months of my moving, I felt flooded with nostalgia in a different way. I saw things in much finer light and appreciated things more than ever. I was reliving my childhood in revived way and I felt connected to my roots more than ever. This honestly, feels like a beginning of something I believe is much more than I can think of. And, that’s why I decided to make this experience and not only as a series of my work.

Because honestly it doesn’t feel like that. It feels like I have signed up on a journey thats going to reveal itself to me as I go in it. But, I have a feeling its the best one I will ever have. Or maybe, if it will ever end.

But, time will tell and so will we know.

Hence, I decided to share this experience with you and bring you along.

Now, I could simply keep sharing things here and go on. But, You know what! I don’t want to.

Because, I want to do this more intimately and honestly. In a space where we can do this together. Where I can evolve with you as I deep dive into this journey of embracing my roots and my heritage.

Not only that, I also want to share my process & the making of these works more intimately. And, offer them to you almost exclusively!



So yes, I am doing this crazy idea and I want to bring you onboard.

I shared the invitation on my instagram a couple of days ago and I am sharing this with you here today.


In this journey with the special “MY HOMECOMING” newsletter series!

What would you get?

1. A deeper look With me as I explore the Indian heritage.
2. More about the different Indian textile, crafts and techniques
3. The making of my works from this series as I deep dive into it fully!
4. First look and access to the available works ready to bring home!
5. An artist friend forever ♥️


I hope to see you with lots of things in your inbox soon!



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