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Midnight Lovers: Original Embellished Watercolor Painting



Watercolor, Gouache, Embellishments on Lana 100% rag paper, 9 x 12 inches, 2020

(A part of daily watercolor practice )


On this new year’s I am beginning to realize how much abundance only a change of perspective can bring into my life. Dreaming is one but dreaming with abundance is altogether a different one for me!  And, I wouldn’t have learnt this or even done this without my beautiful dreamers that I feel so grateful to grow with this year!

So, my so dreamer if you are also manifesting abundance with lots of other things for your life!

This one is for you !

this velvety magical black feeling!!!
Thy is one is from Today’s #embellished Watercolor painting for my #dailywatercolor ✨
Also, Tell me what are you dreaming my queen?

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