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Let Loose: Original Embellished Watercolor Painting



Watercolor, Gouache, Embellishments & Lace on Lana 100% rag paper, 9 x 12 inches, 2020

(A part of daily watercolor practice )


I honestly dread painting hands!But, I let go of my fear with this one! And, it felt magical! Well, you can definitely see that!

Sometimes, we women are scared of taking the leap. Partly, due to a lot of limiting beliefs most of us are grown into!

But, when something truly calls you. Like, really the one that sends a tickle down your soul!

Let loose and go for it!

It will be scary! It won’t be perfect! But, it will be magical to loosen up and catch those dreams♥️

That’s my intention for this artwork for you & me!

A perfect asset for women fasten their belts and fly for the stars!

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