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Full Of Dreams: Original Embellished Watercolor Painting



Watercolor, Gouache, Embellishments on Lana 100% rag paper, 9 x 12 inches, 2020

(A part of daily watercolor practice )


If you have known me or my work for a while. You are definitely familiar with my obsession with eyes. Honestly, I did not realize it until I started painting! I feel our eyes hold whole of us. They are entry way to peek into someone’s soul. But, also so beautifully know the art of deceibing.

But, that’s not the point! The most magical eyes are those of a dreamer! And, everytime i catch one of those! I cant seem to take mine off! haha

So, my dreamer this dreamer is looking right at you <3

A special thing I love about these paintings is this velvety magical black feeling!!!
Another one is from daily #embellished Watercolor painting for my #dailywatercolor ✨
Also, Tell me what are you dreaming my queen?

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