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Fresh From The Studio: Investigating Identity & Culture Via Collage Art Making

So, I decided to come here today and share some more about what goes beyond those squares on Instagram.

And, no no don’t get me wrong. I love Instagram. But, sometimes it also feels limited.

And, hence I decided to show up here more than often.

Today, I asked on my Instagram account if my readers/followers wanted to see more of the behind the scenes from my studio practice and my work.

And, that in itself gave me a reason to quickly come here and share some bits of my practice and work.

If you have known my work by now I make these embellished mixed media collages & paintings. The first of these collages I made was a few years ago. But, honestly, my definition of art was so microscopic to even realise that I was making art, even before I realised I was.


(Check available works on my shop or Email at hello@charukaarora.com to enquire)

So, in early 2020 a friend of mine spotted them during a studio visit. These collages had happened to be sitting in a corner for over a month ever since I made them. And, to be only seen by someone that day for the first time.

To my surprise, they caught my visitors love and attention more than anything else. He found them refreshing and statement -ish in his words.

After sharing these works with some of mine safe advisors & mentors. I finally found the courage to put them out in the world.

And, honestly that was one of my best decisions I made in my art practice.

To me these felt more myself than anything else. The process of making these collages was more fulfilling than ever.

My first caught eyes of people I ever expected and I am more than grateful for.

Almost an year later year now, I feel I have evolved so much from when I was then. In the early days of the COVID-19 quarantine these embellishments appeared for the first time in some of my daily sketches.

Then, I took the plunge and almost sold out launched my “WORANT“series with 48 hours of launching.

Ever since then,  these embellished collages have been seeping deeper and deeper into my collage practice. And, have also seeped onto my painting.

Which honestly, I am more than elated !

Another turning point for my practice since then has been the making of my recent email only series called “HOMECOMING”.

(If you don’t know about this yet, you should quickly join the exclusive list here)

The first of my collages started with an ever going search of mine as a woman in the society. Especially, the south asian.

(You can find these works here)

From that I have investigated this idea in several ways in my works. Be it my FAR INBETWEEN SERIES that reimagined the future or THE QWEEN SERIES literally imaging a woman’s ferocious inner self.

Only until, I moved back to the my parents house in the city of Taj (Agra, India) that exploring heritage and culture alongside to womanhood started to appear in my work even more.

And, I am happy with this evolution.

Its open an entire school of thought for me that excites me even more.

Playing with materials & textures has been an pivotal role in my work. It helps to respond to my environment more instantly and subconsciously.

The process of absorbing and reflecting via my work is what also has widened my horizon.

No day is similar in the studio. I would randomly spill over what I have. Some materials collected over the years some bought recently.

I am excited to see where this journey takes me ahead. But, whatever it is. I would like to keep sharing this one with you for the longer run!

So, stay here! Keep sharing your thoughts with me and feel free to always write to me at hello@charukaarora.com


Hearts & Hugs,

Charuka x





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